One Option To Refinancing Your Arizona Home If Your Are Underwater

The Home Affordable Refinance Program, aka: HARP is a program enacted by the US Government in response to the housing crisis here in the US. More specifically, if you are one of the unfortunate home owners whose home value has dropped to a point where you owe more on your home than it is worth, [...]

Arizona Foreclosure Options – Summary of What You Can Do To Stop Foreclosure

Learn Arizona Foreclosure Options like short selling your home, or getting a loan modification.

How To Bid At A Real Estate Auction

With all the great deals on real estate out there, you can either make an offer on a short sale or bid at a Trustee’s Sale.

Foreclosure Filings Fall In July

The rate of foreclosure filings fell nationwide during the first six months of 2010. However, bank repossessions increased.

National Foreclosure Rate Drops From Last Year

National foreclosure rates fell 2 percent between April 2009 and April 2010. Although it may not sound like much, it indicates that foreclosures may be reaching a plateau.

Facing Foreclosure In Arizona? Know The Anti-Deficiency Laws

If you are looking at foreclosure in Arizona, it is important to know the anti-deficiency laws in the state and how they may affect you.

Should You Walk Away Or Try A Short Sale? Short Sale Versus Foreclosure

Are you considering pursuing a short sale? Or do you just want to walk away from your home, otherwise known as strategic default? Find out the pros and cons of short sale versus foreclosure.

Investigate These Alternatives To Foreclosure

Have you been considering foreclosure due to job loss, illness or an adjustment in your mortgage rate? Here are alternatives to foreclosing on your home.

Which is Better – Short Sale or Foreclosure

Which Is Better a Short Sale or a Foreclosure? Answer: When Do You Want To Buy A Home Again and Become A Homeowner. Sooner – Short Sale. Later – Foreclosure.

The First Steps To Stopping Foreclosure

Learn the first steps to take to prevent foreclosure. Knowing how to prevent foreclosure is a critical step that can help you keep your home or prevent a disaster with your financial future that could take you years to recover from.