Sell Your Home To Buy A New Home

Current homeowners in Phoenix, Surprise, Sun City West may qualify for the $6500 repeat home buyer housing tax credit if you meet certain qualification criteria.

Thinking About Foreclosure? How To Avoid Foreclosure

Learn some alternatives to foreclosure: short sale, save for a rainy day, negotiate with your lender, get a forbearance, refinance to prevent foreclosure.

Your Home Affordable Loan Modification May or May Not Get Approved

General Approval Guidelines for the Federal HAMP Home Mortgage Modification Program. Lower Interest Rate, Extend the term of your mortgage, reduce the principal that you owe.

Federal Home Affordable Modification Program Guidelines – Arizona

Learn the General Guidelines to qualify for a Federal Home Affordable Modification Program in Arizona.

HAMP – Home Affordable Modification Program for Arizona Homeowners

Avoid Foreclosure in Phoenix Arizona by qualifying for a Federal Government HAMP Loan Modification. Learn about the program by speaking with a Mira Vista Short Sale Real Estate Agent in Arizona.

Selling Your AZ House – Essential Tips To Sell Your Home Quicker

If you are considering selling your house in Arizona you should already know that putting your home up for sale in the highly competitive Phoenix Real Estate market is quite a different thing than going down to the auto dealer and trading in your old vehicle for a new one. Selling your home requires going through many steps. Using the [...]

Loan Modification – Short Sale: Terms You Should Know

Loan Modification – Short Sale Terms and Terminology You Should Know Before You Decide On What You Should Do To Stop Foreclosure.

How To Choose A Short Sale Real Estate Agent For Phoenix Arizona

Characteristics of choosing a Phoenix Arizona Short Sale Real Estate Agent – Internet Marketing Plan For Your Property And Experience

Why Might The Lender Reject My Short Sale Request?

Why Would A Lender Not Accept A Full Price Short Sale Request? Answer explained for one possible scenario – Work with an experienced Phoenix Short Sale Expert

The Psychology of Facing A Short Sale To Avoid Foreclosure

There are three stages or states of mind that a homeowner who has fallen behind on their mortgage may go through – denial, panick, and acceptance.