Open A Roth IRA While You Wait To Buy A House In Arizona

Two things make a difference in home buying in Phoenix Arizona in 2010: money for a down payment and having good credit. Opening a Roth IRA while you wait to buy a house can have huge advantages for you down the road.

Buying a Short Sale Using Your VA Loan

Buying a short sale home with a VA loan may be easier than a foreclosure home because of the appraisal. Find out more about how to buy a short sale with your VA Loan Benefits.

How To Save For A Down Payment On A Short Sale

One thing that may be holding you back from buying a short sale is coming up with the down payment. Here are some tips to help you save.

Benefits Of Buying Short Sales

Taking advantage of low home prices is a good reason to buy a short sale. Enlist the help of an experienced realtor to find the best short sale deals.

How To Find Short Sales In Your Area

Are you wondering how to find short sales in your neighborhood? There is specific wording you can look for in the listings that will clue you into short sale deals.

Are FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums Going Up?

FHA requests changes to upfront and monthly mortgage insurance premiums in addition changes in down payment for lower credit scores borrowers and lower seller concessions.

Who Is Your Loan Officer? Do You Know Their Background?

Learn about the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System Consumer Access website to check the licensing credentials of your loan officer.

New Good Faith Estimate Beneficial For Buying A Short Sale

Good Faith Estimate changes for 2010 make comparing mortgage offers easier when buying a short sale home or buying any home.

Buying A Short Sale Home Using An FHA Home Loan Just Got Tougher

New FHA Home Loan Program Guidelines increase down payment for lower credit scores, lower seller assistance from 6% to 3% and target mortgage lenders making lenient credit underwriting decisions.

Buying A Short Sale Home As Your First Home

Buying a short sale as a first time home buyer takes patience and a lot of upfront homework and preparation on the part of the home buyer and the short sale buyers agent.