Real Estate In Surprise AZ

Real estate in Surprise AZ comes in a wide variety of property types in this Maricopa County community in Arizona. What is for certain is that this dynamic community, which counted about 30,000 people as residents as recently as year 2000 now boasts over 100,000 people today. In fact, Surprise, Arizona is one of the most attractive Greater Phoenix area cities in which to find incredible real estate buying opportunities today.

Real Estate Home Prices In Surprise AZ

Real estate is attractively priced throughout Surprise. Beginning in the 1990s thousands of retirees have chosen to call the area home, living in a nearby and very notable retirement community. In fact, the housing market is so robust that over 30 of the state’s top 50 homebuilders operate in the area, building attractively priced homes.

It will come as no surprise to see a wide variety of homes and other residential properties that will be going for prices that are extremely attractive, especially considering how truly large and spacious many of these homes will be.

With the real estate market crash of 2007-2008 there are some tremendous opportunities to purchase a lot of house for a lot less money as compared to just a few short years ago. For example, median home prices for the area are less than $175,000 for truly large homes, whereas several years ago median home prices for the area surpassed $250,000. New homes can be found for well under $250,000 or far less these days.

Attractive Amenities In Surprise

Another reason why the real estate market in Surprise is so vigorous, even (or more likely, because of) in these economically-trying times, is that the community is located close to Phoenix and also because of its relatively low property tax rate, which can make the cost of home ownership in the region extremely attractive to those wanting a new home at a good price.

Adding to the luster of living in the area, and the desire to purchase real estate in Surprise AZ is the fact that at least two Major League Baseball teams call the city their spring training home, the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers. Those interested in looking at new or already-built and occupied homes in the area need only enter in the city’s name “real estate” to see what’s available.

When considering real estate in Surprise AZ, consider the vibrancy and beauty of the area, which boasts of a year-round climate that is very welcoming along with the extensive city services and attractiveness in the spring of having real Major League Baseball teams calling the place home. There are a great many factors that, combined, can make Surprise a good choice for prospective home buyers.

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