Stop The Foreclosure on My Arizona Home – Tips To Save Your Home

By almost any measure a foreclosure is the single most damaging event to your credit, worse even than a bankruptcy!

A foreclosure on your personal credit report will negatively impact your ability to obtain consumer credit for years to come. The affects are far-reaching, including limiting your ability to obtain automotive loans and credit card accounts, rent a home or an apartment, or even pursue certain employment opportunities.

Foreclosure prevention alternatives are available … Regardless of your financial circumstances or lack of home equity!

It is the goal of our short sale website to assist you with resolving your mortgage delinquency BEFORE foreclosure proceedings actually commence.

  • For homeowners experiencing a financial hardship and at risk of mortgage default or currently in mortgage default , it is well worth the time and effort to carefully assess your foreclosure prevention options with a licensed, qualified real estate professional.
  • However, if you are well into the foreclosure process already, viable options for avoiding foreclosure are still available. Now more than ever, lenders are willing to grant you additional time to remedy your mortgage default if they feel they can avoid foreclosing on your property altogether.
  • Hiring Foreclosure Consultants – Do Not Pay Upfront Fees!
  • You do not need to pay professional service or consulting fees to get the help you need to resolve your delinquent mortgage.
  • In many cases, you can work directly with your mortgage lender to determine what options are available to you to resolve your mortgage delinquency.

We provide every homeowner with a FREE CONSULTATION in order to fully assess their current financial situation and most appropriate foreclosure prevention alternatives.

Please contact us today for a FREE Short Sale Pre-Qualification.